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David Hein


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Dec 8, 2003


Roots rock, singer/songwriter David Hein was born in Saskatchewan, learned to sing in Winnipeg, learned guitar in Ottawa and started writing songs in Toronto. For several years, David lived and gigged in Manhattan, working days at a Muppet Music studio, contributing to Jim Henson, Sesame Workshop, and Disney.

Since then he's returned to Toronto, with a new band and a new batch of songs, ranging from Dave Mathew-esque acoustic funk to epic ballads in the vein of Blue Rodeo. His music has the looseness of Counting Crows, the energy of Jason Mraz, the humour and sweetness of the Barenaked Ladies and the soul of James Taylor. He has won the International House Songwriting Contest, been a runner-up in Chart Magazine's Indiestartup songwriting contest and, together with his band, was a Canadian finalist in the Emergenza battle-of-the-bands.

He is currently recording his debut album with Juno-award winning producer, Joe Dunphy, to be released in 2006. For more information visit

"David Hein and his band put on a fantastic show. Roots rock at its best."
- Al Green, Kaboom Entertainment

"A good rhythm section, sophisticated arrangements, catching melodies. David Hein emerged from a sea of heavy acts, singing, not screaming, and earning his place in the finals."
- Bridget Mac Paper,