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David Moffatt and the DAM8 Band


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Sep 14, 2003


"Keep Your Pants On"

was released on July 24th 2003 at the Toronto Opera House. There were no mixed reveiws - David Moffatt and the DAM8 Band are a hot commodity! Industry and guests alike were wowed by the powerful ballads and upbeat songs that took tempo and mood all over the chart. David Moffatt played acoustic and sang the leads, using his unique voice and style to draw the audience in. Drummer Randy Cooke was at his expected best, blending technical skill and stage style to keep the flow of the music driving and structured. Bassist Dave Carreiro was a ladies' favourite, his quiet and unassuming style reflected in the ease with which he moved through the music and created his own "zone" on stage. Guitarist Kelly Valleau peaked for this performance, coming alive with some intricate and haunting solo work. One of the things that makes David and the DAM8 unique is the harmony provided by backup vocalist Matt Moffatt. His keen ear and soaring voice carried with precision to the audience, leaving them wanting more.