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Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 24, 2003


'Fuck guys freakin rock...great songwriting, excellent musicianship, great image, great vocals, and amazing presentation'.
******Barry Taylor, CFNY 102.1 the EDGE, 2005

'Shit-Tearing Blues'!--Critics Pick for North by Northeast
******Elizabeth Bromstein, NOW Magagazine, 2004

'They've released four CDs, toured the U.S. and maintain a near manic love for what they do that oozes out at every show...Frenetic is an understatement in describing The Brown Hornets live performance'.
******Ric Taylor, VIEW Magazine, 2004

'Their music brings forth important elements in the history of rock'n'roll...50's gospel, the 60's roots movement and the 70's rock decadence'.
******Steve K.,

'The Brown Hornets are reinventing the original blues-rock fusion mania of the rolling stones...They never fail to amaze me with their high-energy brand of insanity'!
******D.D. Rocker, HAMMER-JAM, 2004

'There's innovation aplenty to be found on the Brown Hornets' self-titled debut, along with a ferocious energy that blows the cobwebs off time-honoured tradition...If you like your blues hard and fast with a touch of punk, you'd be well-advised to seek this one out at all costs...The Brown Hornets made their reputation in the bars of Southwestern Ontario, a reputation built largely on astonishing, almost frightening energy'.
******John Taylor, BLUES on STAGE, 2002

'By far, the Brown Hornets were the best act of the 2001 Lilac Festival. They're called the "ultimate boogie", and that's really what it is...John Lee Hooker inspired boogie sounds with slide guitar and organ, played powerfully'!
******Jeff Van Epps, LIVE MUSIC IN ROCHESTER, 2001

'The Brown Hornets rock. I mean they really rock. They're a bundle of sheer intensity, with enough hand slappin', head boppin', booty wigglin' gumption to grab the undivided attention of everyone in attendance. With their own brand of country-tinged rock and roll, and the most blues sensibility this side of the Mississippi Delta, The Brown Hornets, if you'll pardon the colloquialism, tore shit up'.

Describing the Brown Hornets' music is no simple task. Some would say it's straight-up blues, while others would push for unreserved rock n' roll...Whichever way you want to label it, there's no denying that these guys know what they're doing. Their songs are tight and their energy hits you like a wave'.


Fast punk-assed rock&roll. 12 years of breathing fire on both sides of the border, the Brown Hornets have carved a very careful underground allegiance. Rough & Tumble boogie music that'll make you spit your beer and run head first into a wall. Seriously, you'll crap your pants. If you must compare...Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Sex Pistols, Velvet Underground, the Doors, and John Lee Hooker, MC5, the Who...more nuts than bolts. The hornets go out of their way to be your best friend and to piss down the throats of your enemies.

And if you really must know, the Brown Hornets are four kids who grew up together in the heart of 'Ontario's biggest afterthought', Durham County. It's about 1 hour east of Toronto. With nothing fun, pretty, or constructive at their disposal, the Hornets had no choice but to create a band. And no, people don't get away with tipping cows in Durham County--you fuck with a cow, and you'll wake up pinned underneath a Massey-Ferguson.

For the past decade the Hornets have been turning it loose in every club, festival, and chicken shack in Ontario and New York. And to this day, their live show murdalizes people with a fucked up repackaging of blues, soul and rock& roll. The Brown Hornet monorail is sure to make a mess of your hair--even if you're bald.

Check for upcoming muchmusic video in Spring, accompanied by a new record through indiestructable (Maple, Universal).

Love Always,
Danny Bananny

Danny Walters (Vocals & Organ)
Mike Tomlinson (Guitar)
Dez Asante (Drums)
Brock MacArthur (Bass)