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Papa Fogals Chair


London, Ontario, Canada
member since: Apr 7, 2003


Papa Fogals Chair can be associated with a four-legged piece of furniture - if it is being bashed over your head. The aggressive, powerful, emotional sounds created by Papa Fogals Chair incorporate metal, hardcore, and funk into a vicious assault of the senses. Papa Fogals Chair, who have been together as a group since they were classmates in Grade 3, have followed their musical dreams from a small town in Northern Ontario to the Southern part of the province where they have flourished as artists and have gained recognition as one of the best live acts around. With an average age of 25, this band has already surpassed the longevity of most major label acts. With the recent release of Face Melter (Oct. 2004), a six-song cd showcasing their intricate song writing, catchy beats, and powerful three and four-person vocal arrangements, the band is reaching new audiences and garnering new fans every day. PFC sold and distributed more than 1,000 copies of their self-titled, demo cd which contained three studio tracks and six songs recorded live at Call the Office in late 2003. Papa Fogals Chair have received rave reviews at Call the Office and The Embassy Hotel in London, The Trasheteria in Guelph, and The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. Their hard work paid off when the quintet was nominated for a 2004 London Music Award in the Heavy Metal-Hardcore category. They will no doubt be among the top vote-getters again in 2005. This hardworking band, known for their high-impact live performance, are a favorite among promoters due to their excellent draw and their ability to fit in with almost any type of music. Papa Fogals Chair performed live with great success at the popular Toronto radio station, The Edge 102.1 for a NXNE Indie Hour and have had their song Scarred featured on the air. PFC is constantly writing and exploring new territory while they continue to bring the organized chaos of their live shows to the masses. Individually the members of PFC are musicians, together they are a machine that has been more than 15 years in the making.