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usra leedham

Urban Soul

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Oct 10, 2002


"Usra has a voice that shuts up a room. She will do big, big things." West Magnetic, Artist (Om Records, Ultrasound Recordings)

There are artists that seem to have an intrinsic understanding of the way words and melody should fit together. Where the rawness of the voice is so overwhelming that you feel like you are eavesdropping on a conversation between a woman and her id; Usra Leedham is one of these artists.

Her brand of Urban Soul eludes description, influenced by her South Asian background, Jazz greats like the almighty Ella, and lyrical masters like Joni Mitchell. But despite the range of her influences, her music achieves a sort of wonderfully awkward balance; somehow, between the richness of her voice and the frankness of her words, there is an undeniable symmetry.

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