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Signal 30


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Mar 20, 2002


Take four veteran musicians with a fire and passion for rock and blues. Blend it with a professional attitude and desire to shine in a live setting. This potent mixture manifests itself into a highly likeable band.nn Signal -30- was formed in October 1999, brought together by a mutual longing to play music for the pure love of playing. Combining years of professional experience with a broad range of musical styles is what makes Signal -30- so appealing. Demographically aimed at the 25-45 year old age group, Signal -30- delivers a musical smorgasbord of old school rock, blues, r&b, pop, and contemporary standards with a sprinkling of original tunes that always leaves a hunger for more.nn n The focal point of the band is Ken Smith, who combines a fiery lead guitar with soulful lead vocals. Ken rarely stands still when playing and his intensity and feel drive the band. Backing Ken is Gary Schaab, whose rhythm guitar greatly compliments Ken's lead as it has since their early days together on the 70's rock scene. Dave Horn, a solid bassist with over twenty years of gigging under him, brings a tight groove to the mix. Rounding out the band is Doug Ring, their anchor on drums, lead and backing vocals. Doug's many years of experience in touring and playing across Canada makes this band a tight, well oiled unit. nn Signal -30- has a growing following in Toronto and Southern Ontario with a reputation for keeping people solidly entertained whether on the dance floor or just listening.nn Signal -30- The high energy code for great rock and electric blues!