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The Frank Hall Band

Alternative Rock

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


The Frank Hall Band has set a course for national evolution. "For Frank Hall, the future is so bright, he may have to wear shades", wrote Michael Hilborn of The Cambridge Times, back in July 2000. They are being booked aggressively throughout Ontario in preparation for their Canadian Tour. Through internet networking and media focus, the band has captured the attention of Juno Award winning, Grammy nominated producer, 'Dane Ngahuka'. The band will be going in studio to record their EP, March 2001.

A new commotion has swept across Canada and the US with a name as big as their popularity - The Frank Hall Band. The band has performed with such acts as: The Headstones, Honeymoon Suite, Nancy Rancourt and Hydrofoil. Networking the bands website coupled with live performances has attracted a loyal following throughout Canada and the US. Their management team anticipates a label deal in the New Year.

Their extraordinary musicianship and mesmerizing performances are addicting, to say the least.