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Rob Lamothe


Dunnville, Ontario, Canada


Rob lamothe's CD 'Long Lazy Curve' is reviewed in the latest edition of 'Classic Rock' magazine in England. This is what it says:

Long Lazy Curve

Escalating success as a producer and songwriter means it’s been three years between Rob Lamothe albums. A Californian who moved to Canada after minor success with Riverdogs (who are still a going concern) and Aircraft (who are not), for a decade he’s been making albums of sure beauty. They’ve been powerful and radiant, tough yet soulful and delivered in a brilliant and brittle voice.

Here his consistently vivid lyrics resonate with a sometime weary eye, but their impact is none the less for that. He captures the inflections of love, the echoes of happiness and the loneliness of distance and bears them up on tunes full of warmth with a roaring heart and the undeniable power of grace under pressure.

Philip Wilding
9/10 (Classic Rock Magazine Feb. 2006)